11 Stains of Feel


Rush, straight to the line

Rush, don't look behind

If you fall get up and rush

What does it take to reach the top?

Why don't you trust your feelings?

Why are you still thinking?


It won't get easier as you go on,

But you'll be ready to face 

What's on the other side

So why won't you rush?

Bonds, chained in your mind

It hurts to sit and whatch it pass by

All the shatters of a crashed glass

And I will push towards the end



I am free to be who I wanna be

Running from the fears that kept me in

I left all my ghosts behind


4. Worth more

Wanna hit me up?

I aint no brag you know

Wanna hold me now

Imma leave you here so dont

Got a drink, I aint in it

Ima classy one so I aint fall for it


My... why did I end up in this,

Didnt even wanna come

Didn't even wanna speak

now I'm stuck with you baby


You got it so wrong

Turn around cause I aint goin on

Not a hit and run, boy

Can't have this unless you stay for it

Cause I am worth more

Cause I am worth more

I'm dancing on my own

so why you even here

Aint see that I wont talk

cause boy Ima whole other world

You might wanna get this right

But it aint working with me






7. ?

There's no future in a world where trust is over

Where you keep looking behind or around the corner

Where usually to stab you are the ones who are closer

And who support you are some strangers and not your brothers

Where love is a disease and war the truth to the King

Where we fight for our rights

Instead of living our lives


I wonder if someone

Has been watching upon us

Cause sometimes the sky

Is feeling lonlier some nights

We lift our words

Towards the stars and then

wait for some kind of relief in our hearts

We tell women to get smaller

Cause men's confidence is lower

Sexuality's set as wrong

And repression is another form of control

Self-expression is denied as a value

And conformism keeps everybody quiet


10. Choices
2. Illusion
3. Fake Love

( Improvisation )


Pictures blurred away

Smoke on my skin

Your touch so sweet


Eyes dry their tears

Loosing what I persieve

Can't feel


My mind spins around

I'm on my knees

Can you reach out?

Can you hear me?

Steps, words, sights,

Touch, speak, see

Hands, thoughts, colours

Feel, imagine, split


Now you're here

Next to me

End this confusion

End of my illusion

5. Focus

Feel you right beside

I turn around and you stare in my

Eyes just flattering

Why wont you come on in?

Can you feel my breath on your neck,

Just whispering shh...ahh..

Dont speak, Dont move

I wanna get close to you


Grab my skin, push you over me

Kiss me gently, got your lips inbetween

Touch me and Feel me

My body had it said, now dont run away

Wanna be alive with you tonight

Is it love or just a crush?

Do you mind if I stay by?

Just wanna get to know you

Lets talk and uhh...

Can you feel my breath on your neck,

Just whispering shh...ahh..

Dont speak, Dont move

I wanna get close to you


I know It's not true

But It's fine with me tonight


Walking around

Right through the crowd

Fill the space that's left 

I can't breathe here

So spread your arms

And take what you feel you deserve

Sights may be uneasy

But It's Worth the bear


All the times you fell onto the ground

You stood tall and raised again

And the strength you proofed you have

Will be your mean to overcome everything

So Focus

Blurry eyes no where looking

Empy hearts just running around

Reach yourself to find the inner key

To unlock the fear that held you in




8. Sorry

It took me so long to figure out

How I could have written this down

Thoughts and feeling stuck from far

Needed to release this pain somehow

I still think of you in my darknest nights

Cause the loneliness wont go away

And iI know I hurt you so bad

And still you don't know my name


But when we were blown

Still the connection didn't get us close

I wasnt brave enough to let you know

So I hid myself and let you go


It was easier

Than facing the truth

I was insicure

So I made up these lies to you

And got stuck in my own web of 

Tears that dried up

But I just want you to know

I'm sorry

It's a heavy burden I carry on

Cause it reminds me of when I was wrong

And It still bothers me

Holding hands has never scared me like this

The thought of hurting someone

And myself in first place

Dont wanna let myself go

And make more mistakes




What if I told you all the truth?

Would it have been the same for you?

Would you promise to not let me go?

Or it might have been to tough to hold,

But I think I chose what it was best

So I sat apart and let you live




6. Disappointement


Mh... You better get a taste before I ran out

It was just fine

I can't deny

oh wait! It's a bit late

Better go, you know they keep calling all night long

So what did you expect?

That I would stay for a 2nd match?

Did you casually do a test?

Cus I aint see any that

Should I feel sorry?


Oh my Love,

You shouldnt have hold on to me

Told you I wasnt in

You're deluded and blame me

You got a taste of it

Ain't easy to get me

But if I come, sure you can bear me?

Better walk out 

Unless you got something interesting

So what did you expect?

That I would've give in just like that?

Aint it going how you planned?

You seem a bit disapponted bae,

You know why?

Ch. x2


oh Yeah

Ch. x2

9. Fool

Take my hand,

Stay with me

Hold me close

And whisper me

"No one will ever hurt you, my love

I will keep,

Safe you here"

But then I turn,

And you're not here


I got chills when I think of you

All my body is calling you under the moon

And baby I swear that I would hold you like no one'll ever do

So tell me, please

Where are you 'cause I'm in love as a fool.

The star combine

I envy their light

They look in their eyes

From far apart

And all I get

Is to feel you in my heart

But my eyes cry tears

The sky wont dry

So I lookup and say



I don't even know

Why i'm stuck in this

But I can't help not thinking that


9. Unlinked

It's not Always easy

Trustin the butterflies

You get caught by the instant

But that feeling keeps cavin inside

Loneliness is hard to bare

Sometimes it may decieve

Pleasure is something that you can achieve

Not something you need


I won't shed a tear cause they're worthless

Empty feeling filled with words left

Does it make you feel better

Knowing I was the weak one?

But I made my own choices

Split roads Always meet at once

But It won't last and they keep on apart

There's a time for things to happen

And we're not big enough to try 'em

We're all froating inside big clouds

We can't see which wind will hit us

Only after it blew us towards the ground

And it's Always a single ride

And I'm tired of this...